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Club Culture: AR Portal

What does it mean to come together in COVID-19’s surreal times? What could it mean in a highly digitized future?

As a prototype for such experiences in the future we created an augmented reality portal that takes the viewers to a digital dancefloor hidden in their analogue everyday world. Through the app the AR portal appears in the real world and once entered it shows a digital dungeon where digital avatar Oserotto is playing a set that is showcasing the whole Ozelot Records catalogue in a 3D environment. The digital dancefloor is hidden from ordinary eyes and only visible through the app. The viewer realizes that it has always been invisibly there.

The AR portal mixes the analogue and digital realities. This is only a small preview of what is yet to come, given the pace of the digital transformation of our society. 

What can possible futures look like when the devices become more powerful and digital experiences more accessible to the everyday user?

Year: 2020

Concept & Art Direction: Ozelot Studios Development: Quarck Studio, Oliver Sahli @ ArchLevel, Johannes Koeberle

DJ: Oserotto (Ozelot Records)

Download the App:
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