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As an interdisciplinary concert series, explores the expressions and interactions of electronic music within the Church of Enge.

With Erlebnis xyz, we created a platform for Swiss artists, that enables concerts to be held in unconventional locations with interesting acoustic properties. We have been active in the city of Zurich since 2018, mainly in the church Enge. 
Acoustics are essential, because we promote the dialogue between classical (acoustic) instrumentation and contemporary electronic music. is the mixture of electronic sound bodies and acoustic instruments, the interaction between instrument and space. We explore forms of expression of electroacoustic music in a new way and offer our guests unique experiences. 

Year: 2019 – 2020

Concept: Ozelot Studios
Event Production: Ozelot Studios
Video production: Louie Balzer, Tymen Göntsch, Jose Bomrad
3D: Xavier Monney

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