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Schauspielhaus U30 Campaign

The Schauspielhaus Zurich reinvented itself under the new directorship. The U30 subscription was developed with a focus on a younger target group. For the campaign we developed a contemporary mix of 2D and 3D animation and activated our community.

Year: 2019

Art Direction: Ozelot Studios
2D & 3D Creation: Ozelot Studios


Schauspielhaus Instagram Takeover «Snow White»

To promote the premiere of «Snow White for Adults» the Schauspielhaus Zurich asked us for a 24h Instagram Takeover. The storytelling revolved around a supposedly found smartphone of the Schauspielhaus, interaction with their & our community, user generated content in the form of sightings of the fictional thief and subsequent visit of the premiere. 

Due to the reach and authenticity of the stories, even the Zurich city police became active.


Conceptualization: Ozelot Studios
Social Media: Ozelot Studios