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Solidarity Is Now

SOLIDARITY IS NOW is an initiative initiated by Club Zukunft in Zurich and art directed by Ozelot Studios. While the corona virus is leaving people in a state of uncertainty all over the world, it is important to continue to help. In recent months, cultural institutions and creatives have called for solidarity. SOLIDARITY IS NOW is a call for help for those who are in need of it.

We are currently experiencing solidarity in our everyday lives and many local institutions asked for help within their community. Unfortunately, this solidarity stops at national borders and foremost operates in a national context. It seems many are only interested in maintaining the well-being of the population within Switzerland. Is this «exclusive solidarity»? The Swiss government has opened a big financial umbrella like no other country has and we are lucky to be able to deal with the corona situation in Switzerland. We therefore want to expand the understanding of solidarity beyond a local bounded way of thinking and encourage to look beyond our own horizon. 

One of the places we want to support is Rojava in north-eastern Syria. Since 2014, emancipation has shaped the Rojavan society, which is based on feminist principles, decentralised political organisation, an ecological way of life and a solidarity-based economy. The population therefore needs our support – not only, but especially during the Corona pandemic. Years of war and economic blockade have severely restricted the region’s medical capacities. Therefore we call to donate to the Kurdish Red Crescent via Medico International. Because only if the region finds effective means to fight the Corona pandemic it then can devote itself again to building a society in which there is room for all.

Year: 2020

Art Direction: Ozelot Studios
3D: Ozelot Studios

Support & Contributions By:
Club Culture CH, Ozelot Studios., Unsere Beweggründe, GDS.FM, Tsü,,, Samuel Waeny, Buenos Highres, Quarck, Pank, Jose Bomrad, Tymen Goetsch, Jakob Lienhard, Sebastian Cator, Till Fischer, Luis Balzer, Kleon Medugorac, Manucher Milani, Till Eiholzer, Vinzenz Meyner, Bruno Karl, Andri Schatz, Milos Stolic, Tim Serafin, Anil Sarkaya, Lorenz Naegeli, Reto Naegeli, Stephan Huber, Christian Gamp, Marlene Dallas, Mariella Ingrassia, Cheryl Graf, Stefan Marx, Dominik Müller, Ivo Schaeppi, A. C. Kupper, Hubertus Design, Jonas Vögeli, Sophia Becker, Dessert Grafik, Stefan Hürlemann, Büro Destruct, Silvan Possa, Xavier Monney, Laura Lunatic, Naum Hirsl, Walid Barbir, Kerstin Landis, Nathan Meyer, A.C. Kupper, Issu Issu, Maison Standard